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Natuzzi Italia @ Milan Design Week 2023

Natuzzi Italia @ Milan Design Week 2023
The Circle of Harmony – Comfort-ness
Dubai, UAE (23 August 2023) - During Milan Design Week 2023, Natuzzi Italia, the globally recognized Italian lifestyle brand celebrated for its Mediterranean essence, is showcasing its latest collection named 'The Circle of Harmony – Comfort-ness.'
This new collection delves into the theme of comfort, drawing from the archaic French term 'confort,' denoting 'that which imparts vigor.' Comfort has perpetually constituted a fundamental component of Natuzzi's design ethos and an indisputable cornerstone of its history.
The project, 'The Circle of Harmony,' conceived in 2020 under the guidance of Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the Chief Creative Officer of the brand, is an artistic endeavor that aims to foster a tangible and digital community. This community unites artists, architects, and designers to envision and chart the stylistic evolution of Natuzzi Italia, with its heritage serving as the nucleus of this creative expedition.
In continuation of the previous themes of functionality and sustainability explored in prior editions of 'The Circle of Harmony,' the current installment, titled 'Comfort-ness,' undertakes an exploration of comfort. Comfort is interpreted as a lifestyle element, an intimate and personal facet, a conduit for instilling vitality and wellness. It stands as an inescapable consideration in carving out meaningful moments for self-care and relaxation. This iteration introduces a novel notion of sustainability, a pivotal aspect in the pursuit of a high quality of life. The objective of this new chapter in 'The Circle of Harmony' saga is to seamlessly meld comfort, design, aesthetics, and utility.
Collaborating with BIG Studio – Bjarke Ingels Group, the contributors to 'Comfort-ness' encompass a diverse group including Fabio Novembre, Enrique Martí, Simone Bonanni, and Sebastiano Tosi. Emerging from distinct paths, these creators have cultivated an intersection of experiences, ideas, and innovative merger.
“In recent years, the home has become the place where we recuperate our energy and where well-being is an increasingly important aspect. Everything that is part of this space – volumes, materials, and colors – constitutes comfort, which for Natuzzi has always been an essential element that translates into a maniacal attention to both product and visual comfort with aesthetically reassuring shapes and an in-depth study of color and light,” comments Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Creative Officer.
The brand's flagship store on Via Durini, which underwent a transformation in 2022 under Fabio Novembre's retail concept honoring Apulian culture, is the venue where the entire range of new 'Comfort-ness' products is unveiled during Milan Design Week. The showroom also showcases distinctive projects that offer an original narrative of Apulian culture and craftsmanship: the 'Uragano' table, a kinetic sculpture presented in limited edition; the 'Germogli' lamp by artist-designer Marcantonio, paying tribute to the allure of the Mediterranean landscape; and sculptor Renzo Buttazzo's artworks, sculpted from the indigenous limestone typical of Salento, a region in Apulia.
COLLE SOFA – designed by BIG Studio – Bjarke Ingels Group
The collaboration between Natuzzi and Bjarke Ingels, the visionary behind BIG Studio renowned for his innovative design and architectural work, gave rise to the Colle sofa. This project draws inspiration from Natuzzi's initial models that gained recognition for their plush and inviting design. A central attribute of this model is its ability to beautifully capture the serene ambiance of Apulia and Mediterranean living. It embodies a physical and mental space where personal and social moments intertwine, offering moments of self-reflection and companionship.
The sofa's inner structure cradles the seat and backrest cushions, reminiscent of a naturally comfortable realm. This arrangement establishes a casual and cozy seating experience. An extra cushion adorns the side structure, serving as a soft armrest that expands the lounging surface. Notably, the design is characterized by charming 'wrinkles' incorporated into the upholstery. These details elevate the design's softness and contribute to the visual comfort that the entire collection aspires to convey. Colle is a modular system encompassing an armchair module, two- or three-seat variations, and an array of components – including corner pieces – allowing for the creation of a genuine relaxation haven within the living space.
The name 'Colle' evokes the essence of the Italian coastal landscape, where the gentle undulations of hills mirror the contours of the sofa. This design approach prioritizes relaxation and social interaction, aligning with Natuzzi's dedication to visual comfort.
“We were asked to design a family of sofas for Natuzzi that would tell the story of comfort through a few simple design tricks,” remarks Jakob Lange, Partner, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. “We approached the task by combining contrasting materials, wrapping a soft cushion around a wooden construction, creating a solid composition with rounded edges and deep seating to meet contemporary life’s demands for versatility and softness.”
“Our BIG Product Team makes product design a literal extension of our efforts in architecture,” explains Bjarke Ingels, founder and Creative Director of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. “Architects rarely have an opportunity to specify a building component from scratch, limiting our imagination to what is already on the market. Our work in furniture, lighting, transport and the Internet of Things allows us to connect the big picture to the small details, increasing our overall influence on the built environment.”
SPLASH COLLECTION – designed by Enrique Martì
Enrique Martì, the Spanish designer, has collaborated with Natuzzi Italia to bring forth the Splash collection, introducing a sofa that serves as the perfect indulgence for moments of reprieve.
With a minimalist design and understated forms, the sofa ensures a feeling of relaxation and continuous embrace, reminiscent of the gentle flow of water – the wellspring of life itself and a symbol of the enduring connection between humanity and the natural world.
Within a space, Splash captures the precise instance when a droplet of water descends upon a surface and, without interruption, ripples forward: intensifying the sensation of comfort, the sofa's armrests gracefully curve and extend upwards, warmly embracing anyone who occupies the seat, inviting them into an immersive realm of ease.
Accompanying Splash are coffee tables of varying dimensions. These tables, boasting bold and organic structures, craft an undulating two-toned effect. Their design mirrors the harmonious and irregular layering of pebble-like forms, all meticulously fashioned from exquisite materials.
“Splash embodies the spirit of eternal, formless, ungovernable flowing water, but with its own essence that makes it always recognizable and completely unique. Immersed in it we grow in the womb and in it we seek peace and tranquility, quenching our thirst. Water embraces us, cradles us and caresses us in a symphony of tranquility,” comments Enrique Martì. “Splash seeks to revive the flow of water with its organic, capricious forms shaped by non-arbitrary happenstance, by invisible hands that leave nothing to chance, by a mother who mysteriously determines everything: Nature.”
MELODY SOFA – designed by Simone Bonanni
Constantly attuned to emerging trends and fresh perspectives within the creative sphere, Simone Bonanni brings forth Melody as his inaugural collaboration with Natuzzi Italia. This creation stands as a tribute to spontaneity, meticulously designed to evoke a sense of comfort.
Melody takes the form of a modular sofa featuring a linear structure. Its conception stems not only from meticulous consideration in defining precise volumes that exude an air of effortlessness, but also from a deep focus on the emotions the sofa can evoke, even on a visual plane. With its unadulterated and reassuring contour, Melody casts a serene and tranquil aura, enveloping anyone who takes a seat in its embrace of comfort.
Melody seamlessly integrates into Natuzzi Italia's growing commitment to prioritizing visual comfort in their product development approach. This endeavor delves not only into design and materials, but also explores the visual aesthetics of their creations, experimenting with forms, colors, and innovative concepts.
'From the first sketches I wanted to approach Melody’s design from the side profile, which recalls the iconic musical note symbol. The idea was to make the seat and backrest communicate in order to create an understanding between them and to  make the design recognizable and the product ergonomic,” continues Simone Bonanni. “From the definition of the side profile, the project then evolved into a modular system that maintains the initial graphic elements, while allowing a high degree of customization of the product in the space.”
TEMPIO COFFEE TABLE – designed by Fabio Novembre
Having pioneered the retail concept for Natuzzi Italia showrooms across the globe, architect and designer Fabio Novembre now presents Tempio – an exceptional coffee table that, much like a contemporary Parthenon, is crafted to assume the role of an unequivocal focal point within spaces.
Tempio's essence is enriched by travertine, transforming it into a sculptural masterpiece adorned with substantial contours that radiate opulence and refinement. The inherently pure geometric forms that define its structure culminate in an object boasting an ageless architectural allure, evoking a similar sense of magnificence, albeit on a distinct scale, as that of the ancient Greek temples.
'Tempio  finds a place in  homes  lived-in  like Acropolis.  It is an  object dedicated  to   the
culture of sharing, a ‘tabula rasa’ for new rituals of everyday life,' says Fabio Novembre.
RADICE BOOKCASE – designed by Sebastiano Tosi
A modular creation envisioned by designer Sebastiano Tosi for Natuzzi Italia.
Crafted from wood and metal, Radice epitomizes lightness and adaptability, catering to diverse needs and spaces. Its modular essence, coupled with the option to affix it to the ceiling or wall, unlocks the potential for captivating volumes and personalized arrangements with shelves and storage compartments.
Radice emerges as a brainchild of the desire to explore boundless versatility – a quest to offer items and embellishments that seamlessly coexist in both living and slumbering zones.
The vertical descent of metal components throughout the bookcase mirrors the sprawling roots of a mighty tree, firmly grounded and bestowing wisdom through  its branches, which cradle countless pages of knowledge and memories.
'The collaboration with Natuzzi was a very exciting challenge for me. With Radice, I wanted to combine the technical features of a day/night system with the refined aesthetics that identify the brand,” comments Sebastiano Tosi.
WELLBE SOFA – designed by Natuzzi Style Centre
The quintessence of relaxation-oriented design, an ode to joie de vivre in the hustle and bustle of modern life to enhance physical and mental well-being.
The Wellbe project is a sofa with a cozy and timeless design that relaxes every single part of the body, thanks to the triple-motion system that allows the seat, backrest, footrest, and headrest to be independently adjusted, amplifying the feeling of comfort. Wellbe brings the value of Natuzzi research and development to every living area.
Special projects in the showroom
SCULPTURAL TABLE URAGANO– designed by Centro Stile Natuzzi
A table-sculpture that embodies the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship, this limited-edition masterpiece reverently celebrates the magnificence and abundance of Apulia's natural landscape. The grandeur of its olive wood foundation evokes the imagery of an ancient trunk that, rooted deeply in the earth, ascends towards the sun, cradling the essence of
the Mediterranean wind – embodied by the delicate glass top – in its embrace. The table assumes an unparalleled character, coiling inwards to create an exceptional sense of dynamism. This table is a genuine sculpture in perpetual motion.
The Germoglio lamp is an LED table lamp reminiscent of the towering sprouts seen in the Marcantonio installation, Germogli di Marcantonio, showcased last year in the courtyard adjacent to Natuzzi Italia's flagship store.
Inspired by the concept of renewal and honoring the fusion between humanity and nature, Marcantonio has conceived a whimsical lamp that appears to have materialized from the pages of a fairy tale. This creation conjures the ambiance of sun-drenched Mediterranean locales, captured by its golden-mirrored surface that magnifies light within indoor spaces.
Crafted as a wireless rechargeable lamp, the Germoglio lamp serves as an ideal instrument to illuminate a variety of settings, including outdoor environments, all while exuding an unmistakably Mediterranean charm.
SCULPTURES by Renzo Buttazzo
Renzo Buttazzo, a distinguished sculptor renowned for his mastery with Lecce stone, presents a notion of comfort that extends beyond mere physical sensations. Instead, it encompasses a holistic encounter engaging all the senses: touch, vision, and even scent. No individual sense takes precedence; rather, the central focus revolves around the amalgamation of physical and mental contentment.
Within the Via Durini flagship store, attendees at Milan Design Week have the privilege of beholding sculptures hewn from the ancient limestone native to Salento, seamlessly integrated into various arrangements. Buttazzo skillfully imbues Lecce stone, an ostensibly rigid and unyielding substance, with an impression of weightlessness and harmony, thereby bestowing an unparalleled sense of tranquility and psychological reprieve upon observers.
Inside the showroom, Buttazzo's sculptures meld with a quintessentially Mediterranean environment, animated by iconic lighting and arches reminiscent of traditional Apulian architecture.
You can avail the best furnishings for your home by visiting the state-of-art Natuzzi Italia showrooms at these locations:
• Natuzzi, Sheikh Zayed Road between 2nd and 3rd interchange, Dubai
• Natuzzi, near Al Maktoum Bridge, Umm Hurair Road, Dubai
• Natuzzi, The Galleria, Abu Dhabi

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