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Geochem Laboratories Praise the Control of Products in UAE

Saturday, February 6, 2021/ Editor -  


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Your child's toy may be the enemy of his health

United Arab Emirates -  February 06, 2021:   Geochem  Laboratories Group, specialized in quality tests and conformity with the specifications, revealed the results of the opinion polls conducted through its accounts on social media, which show the weakness of consumers' awareness of the specifications of the products they consume whether it is food or daily use products such as clothes, disinfectants and household cleaners, furnishings, and children's toys.

Mr. Manish Kumar, the Group's Global Executive Vice President, indicated that the exceptional period that the world is currently experiencing during Corona crisis, necessitates that the entire societies be well-aware. He said It was devastating that most of the social media polls revealed that  more than 60% of the consumers do not read the specifications of the product they consume or eat, or even the cleaners they are currently using during this crisis, so they sometimes face the problem of using different products other than what they really need. 

Mr.KUMAR praised the regulatory systems in the UAE, saying: It is in the interest of the consumer that the UAE cares well about matters of product control. He pointed out that the 'Geo Chem' laboratory tests are accredited by the accredited body and Authority in the country. Manish added: Safety and quality concerns are a top priority in our group with all its branches in  Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, China , Mauritius , Africa and many other , especially as we carry out specification tests in accordance with international and local technical regulations for each country, in addition to the inspections and tests which benefits the producing and shipping companies and exempts them from offering or importing products that do not conform to specifications or violate safety conditions, which may cause the companies huge losses and cause the product to be withdrawn, this  has happened to many international companies whether automobile industry, children's beds, foodstuffs, etc.   


MR. Manish Kumar added: People may not know that every product they see and use is subjected to a series of tests before it reaches them because unless the product meets safety requirements, it may cause health and safety  risks to the consumer and material losses to manufacturers, including toys and toys that sleep next to children, and also for example, workers' shoes where there are special conditions and tests that include endurance, water resistance, leakage and burning , as well as home furnishings, lighting tools, etc.. Hence the importance of technical laboratories that, through laboratory tests, conduct a complete dissection of the product carried out by specialized experts with high degree of technical and scientific expertise in addition to being familiar with international technical laws and regulations for each country, they guarantee that household items, interiors, leather products, clothing, fabrics and even food are aligned with the highest quality and safety standards.


MR. Kumar concluded: We are lucky to have one of our most important branches in the Middle East and Africa established here in the United Arab Emirates, where the technical regulations imposed by the  
Authority in the country do not underestimate the safety of the consumers.

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