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Remarkable Achievements and Milestones in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library's Second Anniversary

Remarkable Achievements and Milestones in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library's Second Anniversary

Saturday, June 15, 2024/ Editor -  


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  • More than 420 workshops, events, and specialised sessions.
  •  More than 200 visits from official and diplomatic delegations.
  • Launch of “A World Reads” initiative which donated over 77,000 books to educational institutions across the UAE.
  • Launch of the first phase of “A World in Your Language” initiative to remove barriers between different cultures and make knowledge accessible in several languages.
  • Signing of more than 10 MoUs to enhance cooperation in the culture and knowledge sector.

Dubai, UAE, 14 June 2024: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library made major accomplishments and successes, which contributed to consolidating its position as a prominent cultural and knowledge hub in the UAE. Since its inauguration, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has attracted nearly 1.5 million visitors of different age groups and nationalities, reflecting its pioneering role and unique vision in leading and promoting the cultural and intellectual movement, and forming a community, culture, and entertainment hub that meets the requirements of community members.

The library witnessed a significant increase in the number of books added to its collection. More than 225,300 new Arabic books were added, and approximately 54,000 new books were added in non-Arabic languages.

Furthermore, the library organised nearly 500 diverse events, including cultural, scientific, arts, and literary events for different age groups, in both Arabic and English. These events included a series of workshops, seminars, literary evenings, and art exhibitions, to nurture the cultural movement in the UAE.

Dr. Mohammed Salem AlMazrooei, Board Member at Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation, said: “We are proud of our achievements which support our vision and aspirations to become a beacon of culture, knowledge, and creativity, and to contribute to building bridges of communication between different cultures, supported by innovation and creativity.”

AlMazrooei added: “We reiterate our commitment to expanding our strategic partnerships and bolstering cultural and knowledge cooperation, so that the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library continues to be a lighthouse of culture and knowledge worldwide.”

Visits and Strategic Partnerships

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library welcomed more than 200 high-level official and diplomatic delegations from inside and outside the UAE. These visits foster cultural and knowledge cooperation between the UAE and other countries, and contribute to the exchange of expertise and knowledge and strengthening cultural relations.

The library also signed more than 10 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and strategic partnerships with educational and cultural institutions, research centres, and governmental and private entities and institutions, reflecting its commitment to strengthening institutional relations, developing joint initiatives, exchanging knowledge and expertise, supporting joint cultural and educational programs, and expanding academic and research cooperation.

Launching “A World Reads” and “A World in Your Language”

As part of its efforts to promote culture and knowledge, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library launched “A World Reads” initiative in cooperation with local publishing houses, institutions with special publications, writers, and authors, to support and enrich school libraries, reading centres, clubs, cafes, and government departments. Since its launch, the library has donated more than 77,000 books to various institutions and entities.

The library also launched “A World in Your Language” initiative to remove barriers between different cultures and make knowledge resources accessible to visitors of different nationalities, in line with its vision to promote efficient communication.

The initiative aims to help readers and researchers read and listen to print and digital books in the various fields and specialisations available in the library in different languages using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Local and International Participation

Furthermore, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library was present in several local and international forums, meetings, and exhibitions. Locally, the library participated in GITEX Global, the International Council on Archives, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Sharjah Book Fair, the Sharjah Children Reading Festival, and the Arab Media Summit. On the other hand, the library participated in the International Library and Information Congress (IFLA2023), Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2023, Doha International Book Fair in Qatar, and the International Library and Technology Festival in Turkey.

The library was also keen on organising and hosting numerous exhibitions, to shed light on its knowledge resources and simulate the UAE’s agenda of events and activities.

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