Calls to Roadside Battery Service Double as Summer Season Kicks in
Calls to Roadside Battery Service Double as Summer Season Kicks in

Confluence of July Heat, School Holidays and Ramadan sends Demand for Dial-A-Battery Assistance Soaring 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: An operations manager for a specialist roadside assistance organisation has revealed that demand for his company's service has doubled over the past month as motorists' habits suddenly change at this time of year.

Tahir Ali, Operations Manager for Dial-A-Battery, a 24 hour emergency car battery replacement service, says that a combination of summer getting under way, schools breaking up and Ramadan commencing, has led to driving patterns being altered – something that is affecting the performance of vehicle batteries.

“We have recorded a huge increase in the number of phone calls to our call centre over the past few weeks - it's fair to say that we have been inundated with requests for help from our mobile teams. In fact, the number of people dialling for assistance has doubled from the month of May,” said Ali.

“Motorists are currently experiencing more problems with their batteries than at any other time of year, both at their homes and at the roadside. We are attributing this to people's behaviour changing during this season, in combination with the summer heat draining these underused batteries” he added.      

Ali explained that problems are being experienced because there are fewer journeys currently being undertaken, with many motorists having their working schedules changed for Ramadan and not driving to their offices. With the education year having finished, mums and dads who used to who used to ferry their children to and from school no longer have to do so.

The upshot of this reduction in vehicle activity is seeing many cars sitting idly on driveways and in garages with their alternators unable to recharge their batteries. The summer heat is compounding the issue by accelerating the drainage of power from the already depleted units.

“Car batteries are experiencing a double whammy at present, as not only are they failing to be recharged because of a decrease in vehicle usage, but whatever power they do have is dissipating because of the debilitating heat during these summer months,” said Ali. 

To ensure that motorists are not left stranded by the side of the road or on their driveways, Ali has some simple advice - take your car out for a daily run or ensure that its battery is checked and charged regularly with a portable battery charger.

“To avoid being stranded with a flat battery you should take the family car out for a drive at least once every day, as this will enable its alternator to keep topping up the charge,” he said. “If you leave your vehicle for a prolonged period without driving it, make sure you recharge it externally with a mains-powered battery charger,” he added.

Dial-A-Battery was launched in Dubai in November 2011 for drivers requiring emergency car battery replacement, with the service since expanding into Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Motorists requiring assistance call a free helpline number and have their location confirmed by a text message, with the Dial-A-Battery operator then sending the request to their dispatch teams. The company is a subsidiary of A-MAP, a leading UAE-based distributor of automotive spare parts and accessories.

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