Sudanese Officials Praise the “Nabadat” Initiative
Sudanese Officials Praise the “Nabadat” Initiative

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, June 20, 2013: A number of Sudanese officials praised the “Nabadat” initiative that aims to treat children with heart problems from all over the world. The initiative which was undertaken by the Mohammed bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Establishment, in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority is in line with the emirate's humanitarian initiative and reflects the importance of reaching out to those in need of our help and assistance.

During the one week mission which was undertaken recently, a team of Emirati doctors provided free-of-cost surgeries and catherization procedures for 41 children in Sudan in need of these life-saving operations. This was the first overseas mission for the Nabadat initiative that has so far treated over 230 children since its establishment in 2007.

Samiyah Mohammad Othman, president of the Sanad Foundation for charity in Sudan praised the “Nabadat” initiative campaign

She said that the “Nabadat” initiative remained in the UAE for seven years, after its conception, treating children with congenital heart disease in the UAE, but its international début will bring hope and benefit to children who are in dire need of this service on a global scale.

Mrs. Samiyah said: “We recognized this initiative through the 41 open heart and cardiac catheter operations carried out in Sudan on children suffering from congenital heart disease and who are unable to travel abroad for treatment. Thus, the execution of the “Nabadat” campaign in Sudan has alleviated the suffering of several families, bestowing upon them happiness and peace of mind. With Allah's grace, we now have 41 children who have healed after waiting for so long, thanks to the treatment provided by Dubai .”

She explained that this campaign has allowed a ray of hope to shine on many children in Sudan who are still waiting for such an initiative.

She said that more than 600 Sudanese children with congenital heart defects are on the waitlist for a heart-surgery.

Mrs. Samiyah went on to say that “we at the Sanad Foundation for charity wish for the continuous success of this establishment, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, asking Allah to bless them for what they had given to Sudan's children.

From his side, Heart Surgery Consultant Dr. Abdallah Al-Ameen Al-Shaykh, general manager of the Wadmedani Cardiac Centreý, praised the “Nabadat” initiative to treat the hearts of children around the world saying that it left him with an unforgettable impression about the peace-loving Emirati leadership, which bolsters charitable and humanitarian initiatives undertaken by Emirati charitable organizations to serve the needy segments of patients, and the responsiveness of the Emirati people in executing these initiatives, making such initiatives very useful to those who need them as well as those working the medical field.

Dr. Abdallah Al Ameen went on to talk about the medical value gained by the Wadmedani Cardiac Centre, after being selected as the first center outside the UAE to host pediatric open heart and cardiac catheter operations, saying that this experience was invaluable and immeasurable and cannot be summarized into a few points. He said:  “The first benefit we gained was that we treated a large number of children in a very short amount of time (a few days), in compression with the center's regular activities. A total of 41 children afflicted by congenital heart diseases were treated within five days, while the same number would have usually taken over 10 months, or even a whole year, to treat, and the success rate was 100%”.

Another benefit that the “Nabadat” initiative team , according to Dr. Abdallah, was their successfully enhanced the skills of Sudanese medical staff including that of the surgeons, ICU physicians, assistant physicians, and the medical assistants working in the operating theaters and other sections. This came about due to the continuous work that the staff members of the Sudanese hospital were subjected to in order to complete the complicated surgical procedures, which benefited them greatly. The Sudanese physicians worked alongside the comprehensive “Nabadat” team of surgeons, ICU physicians, anesthesiologists and the rest of the medical staffs.

He added that the Nabadat team worked the “Nabadat” team work 48 hour shifts without showing fatigue in order to care for the patients. He extended his thanks to the Nabadat team and the UAE leadership for their philanthropy. 

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