DUBAI: The spiciest burger the region has ever seen goes on sale today – boasting an eye-watering combination of chillis from around the world.

It is so fiery that customers at Qube Sports Bar in Dubai must sign a legal waiver before biting into it.

The “QUBE Inferno Burger” is made of 100% freshly ground beef and packed with a selection of the hottest chillis around.

In the patty mix are homegrown UAE chillis, chopped Birds Eye chillis from India and Sri Lanka, flaked Cayenne Pepper and chocolate Habanero chillis, which pack in more than twice the spice of a regular Habanero.

On top of the burger is Lava Sauce, a Sambal-style concoction featuring a red-hot selection of chillis from across South-East Asia.

No part of the burger is left without a kick of heat with even the toasted sesame seed bun packing a punch thanks to an infusion of Scotch Bonnet chilli oil and chilli seeds.

The challenge is now on for those brave enough to take on the Qube Inferno Burger - with the only conditions being that they must leave an empty plate within 30 minutes to get the burger free.

Anyone who tackles on the red-hot creation and wins also gets their name up on Qube Sports Bar's “Wall of Flame”.

Chef Sunil Anandan has spent the last month sourcing chillis from all over the planet and perfecting the recipe in the kitchen at Qube Sports Bar, located upstairs in the clubhouse at The Track golf course, Meydan.

He was on-hand when a testing panel this week tasted the first batch of Qube Inferno Burgers.

“People need to be warned this is not for those who cannot truly handle eye-watering heat,” said Sunil, who has experimented with chilli-inspired dishes throughout his career.

“There are customers who like to ask for more of a spicy kick in their meals. Now they have the Qube Inferno Burger, so we will see if they are really up to the challenge.

“They have the chance to be put up on the Wall of Flame and those who don't manage it will forever be on my own personal Wall of Shame!”

Chillis are graded by heat on the Scoville Scale with the chocolate Habenero rated at a massive 4000,000 and chillis such as the Birds Eye at around 100,000.

Both of those are in the Qube Inferno Burger and of the 20 individuals who sampled it during testing only two were able to complete the challenge.

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