Creative launches world's first self-calibrating wireless speaker system in Middle East
Creative launches world's first self-calibrating wireless speaker system in Middle East

Dubai – June 10, 2013 – Creative Technology Ltd today announced at a press conference the Middle East launch of the Creative Dxm Signature Series™ of modular wireless speaker systems comprising the flagship Creative D5xm™, the Creative D3xm™ and the Creative DSxm™ subwoofer. The Creative Dxm Signature Series is the world's first self-calibrating wireless home audio system, allowing users the flexibility of placing their speaker anywhere in a room, while still enjoying the best sound quality.

During the press conference, Creative also announced the launch of the new Creative Airwave™ HD and Creative Airwave™ portable near-field communications (NFC) Bluetooth wireless speakers; and the new Creative Hitz™ headsets.

Creative Dxm Signature Series™:Beyond advanced room calibration, the Creative Dxm Signature Series wireless speaker system is completely modular; users can easily link more and more speakers wirelessly to form larger systems.  The system also allows for full audio playback customisation with Sound Modes™ – profiles that users can trigger from an application on their iOS or Android smart devices.

The Creative D5xm / Creative D3xm wireless speakers and the Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer feature room calibration capabilities controlled via a downloadable app on iOS and Android smart devices.  Room calibration addresses critical shortcomings in listening rooms that get in the way of a loudspeaker's playback.  For example, tiles, furniture, and even the dimensions and shape of a room may disrupt a loudspeaker's performance by over-emphasising bass, masking out low level music and movie dialogue.

With the Creative Dxm Signature Series' app-based room calibration, users are given the freedom to place the speakers and subwoofer wherever they want in a room without any compromise to sound quality.  This is revolutionary, as room calibration could previously only be enjoyed by audiophiles who possess expensive and complex audio recording and calibration equipment.

The Creative D5xm and Creative D3xm are both one-piece Bluetooth wireless speakers which are fully modular, meaning they can connect via 5.8 GHz wireless technology to other Creative D5xm or Creative D3xm speakers and/or a Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer to create a multi-channel wireless speaker system for any Bluetooth-enabled device, including an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. That means that unlike with traditional home speaker systems, users of the Creative Dxm Signature Series do not need to settle for a fixed speaker configuration for a specific use in the home.  Users can wirelessly upgrade from a single speaker to a larger configuration by simply adding more speakers or a subwoofer wirelessly – add a second or third unit for a wider sound stage, or a subwoofer for improved bass. 

With all the comprehensive features built into the Creative Dxm Signature Series, Creative has also made sure that ease-of-use and intuitive setup is a main part of the overall product experience.  With the Creative Central™ app, linking speakers in different configurations is extremely easy – an intuitive step-by-step onscreen wizard comes as part of the application.  This major hallmark of cleverly easy usage, along with high-quality wireless connectivity and audio playback, is a defining characteristic of the Creative Dxm Signature Series.

In addition to room calibration and wireless modularity, the Creative D5xm and the Creative D3xm also feature Sound Modes, which users can trigger from their iOS and Android smart devices.  Media today comes from various sources and differs in quality, content, and loudness.  Sound Modes are pre-set sound profiles for specific types of audio content, allowing the speakers to adapt to different genres of content and enabling users to enhance their music, movie, and game audio.

“We wanted to create a speaker system that would completely shake the foundations of traditional speaker conventions. With app-enabled room calibration, wireless modularity and fully customisable audio, the Creative Dxm Signature Series now allows the average user in this region to experience a level of audio quality previously enjoyed only by audiophiles with the most expensive equipment,” said George Ng, Regional Sales Director, Creative Technology. 

Creative Airwave™ HD and Creative Airwave™:

The Creative Airwave™ HD and Creative Airwave™ portable near-field communications (NFC) Bluetooth wireless speakers are specifically designed with clever features that fit into and simplify users' audio experiences, while being the first of several products that reflect the company's incorporation of a fresh new design theme that will cut across many of its speakers and headphones this year.

The bold new triangular speakers clearly stand out anywhere.  Apart from sleek black and classic grey, the speaker also comes in a range of vibrant energetic colours – red, blue, pink and green.  Special attention has been paid to getting just the right two-tone contrast between the metallic grill and back of the Airwave HD, and the shiny gloss of its sides and top.  Similar thought was put into the design of the Airwave, with the speaker sporting glossy sides accompanied by a smooth pearl finish on its front and back.

The speakers are the first of several new Creative products that feature the latest NFC technology.  The feature enables users to simply tap their NFC-enabled smart device on the speaker and the two are connected instantly.

Another smart feature is micro-USB charging, allowing users to charge their speakers via a regular smart device charger, standard micro-USB connection to a PC or even to an external battery pack.

The Creative Airwave HD wireless speaker also features Multipoint Connections so users can connect up to two smart devices with the speaker, simultaneously – ideal for users who possess a smartphone and a tablet.  It also has an integrated Creative Super Charged amplifier, which allows it to sound louder than speakers twice its size.

The speaker drivers are tilted up at a 30-degree angle, firing powerful audio straight at the listener's ears.  Bluetooth wireless audio quality is also ensured through support for both aptX and AAC codecs on the Creative Airwave HD, and aptX codec support on the Creative Airwave.  Designed for use with iOS and Android devices, both speakers also feature an integrated microphone for convenient use of the speakers as a speakerphone.

The speakers sport a sleek, contemporary geometric design, which optimises audio performance in addition to making a strong style statement. The Creative Airwave HD is available in black and red, and the Creative Airwave is available in blue, grey, pink and green.

“In keeping with modern trends in industrial design, we have incorporated a bold triangular design into this year's product lineup.  We also understand that in today's fast-paced world, the average consumer can be stressed and pressed for time.  That's why with the introduction of the Creative Airwave HD and the Creative Airwave wireless speakers, we paid special attention to ensure the speakers are the simplest, most hassle-free companions for any phone or tablet,” said George Ng. 

Creative Hitz™ headsets:Creative has given a significant nod towards the importance of mobile communications with the introduction of the fun and colourful new Creative Hitz™ headsets, with each product in the lineup having an in-line microphone for calls, and a fresh, modern, triangular design that cuts through many of the products in Creative's new lineup. 

The Creative Hitz™ headsets also reflect the company's incorporation of a fresh new design theme, with the headsets sporting a unique and sleek triangular design found on each individual cup.  A two-tone contrast is also prominent on each headset, which showcases a high gloss premium finish.  The headsets, along with other products in Creative's new lineup, represent a company-wide recognition of sleek design as an integral part of a product's identity.

Beyond enabling call controls, the in-line microphone also houses playback controls, so users of the Creative Hitz headsets can easily manage their music and phone calls.  The headsets also feature flat, tangle-free cables.

Within the headsets are powerful Neodymium drivers for crisp high frequencies and deep bass.  Gold-plated 3.5mm plugs provide a superior connection for great sound quality from any tablet, digital media player or smartphone.  They are available in a variety of colours and feature ergonomically designed head band padding and ear pads for comfort even with prolonged use.

“We understand that the mobile phone is the center of mobile users' universe.  They use it for everything – to watch movies and videos, listen to music, or play games.  On top of this, the phone is used primarily for communications.  With that in mind, we decided that it is time that even our most basic audio products are designed to be communications-friendly,” concluded George Ng.

About CreativeCreative is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products. Famous for its Sound Blaster® sound cards and for launching the multimedia revolution, Creative is now driving digital entertainment with cutting edge audio solutions, premium wireless speakers, wireless head-phones and portable media devices.  Today, Creative re-invents the Sound Blaster, which has a user base of over 400 million, with its ground-breaking Sound BlasterAxx that aims at the new mobile networked generation by bridging the multi-worlds of the computer, smartphones, and tablets.  Creative's proprietary technologies, innovative hardware, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers to experience high-quality digital entertainment  anytime, anywhere.

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