‘The Finest Art on Water' Christian Jankowski Collaboration with CRN & Riva at the CCA

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‘The Finest Art on Water' Christian Jankowski Collaboration with CRN & Riva at the CCA in Warsaw

June 8th – August 25th, 2013
Opening ceremony of the exhibition: June 7th, 2013 at 6 p.m.
Gallery 2
Centre for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle

CRN and Riva, two luxury yachting brands of the Ferretti Group, will be shown as part of a selection of works from Berlin-based artist Christian Jankowski at exhibition Heavyweight History at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. Curated by Ewa Gorzadek, ‘The Finest Art on Water' will be part of the artist's presentation of pieces created during 1992 - 2012.
Jankowski aims to engage directly with the idea of sales and exchange and the value of luxury goods. The Finest Art on Water is not only a yacht but also an artwork; an exclusive, ready-made art piece that implicates, involves and engages the spectator. According to Jankowski, 'The yacht is the perfect sculpture, a perfect self-contained vessel of information. When you see the yachts lined up at Venice it is an exhibition in itself.'
Visitors to the installation will play the part of prospective buyers, as they view the interior and listen to the description of the boat. Jankowski's work encompasses film, video and performance in which, consciously or subconsciously, viewers become active participants.
Jankowski collaborated with yacht builders CRN, featuring a 68m vessel, whose exteriors and interiors lines were designed by Officina Italiana Design, and have been produced by the shipyard in the contemporary artwork. The Aquariva Cento, a limited edition boat, also designed by Officina Italiana Design, that is available as a tender for CRN superyachts, will also be sculpturally displayed as part of the installation, simultaneously challenging an art audience and yacht lovers alike.
“Following the success of Frieze in 2011, we are really excited to be showcasing our collaboration once again at Christian Jankowski's exhibition and to have the opportunity to engage with people in this unique way. Our yachts combine cutting edge technology with stunning designs, premium materials and the finest craftsmanship. This project with Christian Jankowski allows us to work in an environment which transcends a yacht from an object to a piece of art,” comments Luca Boldrini, CRN Sales & Marketing Director.
CRN specialises in the construction of fully customised steel and aluminium displacement megayachts ranging from 40 to 90 metres, and a displacement line made of composite (43 metres long CRN Navetta 43).  This is an important year for CRN, celebrating its 50th Anniversary and marking its resilience and success despite its position in a complex market, which has seen the loss of many established brands.

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