Faridah Ahmad Fadzil – Founder and Head of Marketing for Tanamera Interviewed by GoDubai at Beauty World 2013
Faridah Ahmad Fadzil – Founder and Head of Marketing for Tanamera Interviewed by GoDubai at Beauty World 2013

Go Dubai spoke with Faridah Binti Ahmad Fadzil, the co-founder of Tanamera,  - an award winning, made in Malaysia, range of natural Spa and lifestyle products that are modelled after Malaysian beauty treatments. Faridah has been pivotal in establishing the Tanamera business internationally, and continues to head the International Marketing operations. She is also the main formulator for the Tanamera range of products.

Faridah's passion for the Wellness and Spa industry have led her and a few close colleagues to set up the Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa in 2010, where she was recently elected President for the 2011-2013 term.

Faridah is a member of the Malaysian National Spa council representing MAWSPA. She also heads the working group for R&D in creating the Malaysian Spa brand under the auspice of the National Spa council.

She is at Beauty World 2013, where Tanamera is participating under the SPRET Retail booth.

1)  Please tell us about your educational qualifications, as well as your support to women entrepreneurs.

I am an Honor graduate of Business Management from Northern Illinois University. I am a second-generation herbalist specializing on tropical herbs. And I am also an advisor of Malaysian traditional therapies for various multinational companies.

Apart from expanding the Tanamera product range, Tanamera also has the Wellness spa concept, which specializes in providing Malay spa treatments to locals and tourists alike. With the Tanamera Wellness spa concept, we mentor Malaysian women entrepreneurs who are keen to set up spas but lack knowledge of operations and marketing. At the same time, Tanamera Wellness Spa concept creates careers in spas for Malaysian women as spa therapists, trainers and managers. 

2)  Please tell us about Tanamera?

Tanamera was born in the year 2000. Tanamera products natural formulations are packaged in unbleached recycled paper with infusion of local Malaysian designs, albeit with a modern twist.  No toxic chemicals, artificial coloring and fragrance are used in Tanamera products. We started out with a range of natural herbal soaps and essential oils mists from tropical herbs and essential oils. The Tanamera range has since expanded to include natural personal care items like body and facial wash, moisturizers and hair care products. We also developed an extensive range of Tanamera home spa items such as facial and body scrubs, herbal soaps, Teas, massage oils and essential oils. To further strengthen Tanamera branding, we created a range of Tanamera accessories to complement the home spa products.

3) Why is it important to use natural products in beauty regimes?

If you suffer from headache, dizziness, rashes, skin irritation, allergies, premature ageing, perhaps it's the reaction to the personal care and skin care products you are using. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs what you put on it. The personal care and skin care products you use every day may actually have harmful petroleum derivatives, vinyl and plastics that can not only damage the skin and make it older and less healthy, they can actually cause illness.

Common facts of current beauty products in the market:

  • Most off-the-shelf personal care products contain harmful ingredients that strip, coat, suffocate and leave your skin vulnerable.
  • Over 90% of the personal care products you use, like toothpastes, hair shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturizers, sunscreens, deodorants, etc., contain potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Even the most expensive, and even most “all-natural” products use potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Some especially potentially harmful ingredients you should check your labels for are parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and propylene glycol.

4) Where are the Tanamera ingredients sourced from?

There are more than 7000 species of plants that have been reported to have therapeutic or medicinal properties and have been used for many generations in traditional beauty treatments.
Tanamera uses a variety of forms of ingredients such as grounded herbs, liquid extracts, powdered extracts, and essential oils. Most of the grounded herbs used in Tanamera formulation are sourced from Malaysia to ensure freshness and hygiene. Liquid and powdered extracts are sourced from reputable suppliers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Korea, Australia, United States of America and Europe due to the fact that these extracts, even though they are of tropical origins, need to be processed in a highly technical way to retain their efficacy.

5) What has been the most successful product so far in the UAE?

Tanamera Himalayan rock salt and Organic brown sugar scrubs are firm favourites due to the home-spa effect they offer to busy clients. Tanamera scrub soaps have always been a favourite all over the world and the responses in UAE have been no different.

6) Why are you participating at Beauty World 2013?

We are set expand in the MENA region by creating a franchise program that will be launched during Beauty world Middle East.

7)   What are your expansion plans?

Our immediate expansion plan will be concentrated mainly in the MENA region and we plan to achieve this by opening a Tanamera office in Dubai. Once the office is established, we will be able to offer seamless logistics and training facilities to our future partners in the MENA region.

8) Any new product launches in the pipeline?

We are planning to create more daily use items to replace most of the chemical laden products offered on the shelf. Some the items we plan to offer are natural deoderants, Flouride and Soduim laureth sulfate free toothpaste among others. We are also planning to integrate scents that are more suitable for the Middle East market and will be launching these new scents soon.

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