Have you been hoping to run into me in a café, on a bridge or around town since the day we met?

I was preparing our next meeting...

Like they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. You won't regret the wait…

I'm always bold, I'm joie de vivre personified. With my vivid imagination, I have perfectly mastered the art of seduction.

I've slipped into something new—a gossamer light dress designed to dazzle. And you'll notice a certain je ne sais quoi about the deliciously fresh, sunny, playful scent that lingers in my wake. In the transition from Eau de Parfum to eau de TOILETTE, I have reinvented myself – I am familiar, yet totally unique.

I am full of surprises. In fact, it's one of my bewitching tricks designed to keep you under my spell.

The light has changed. Night falls over my magical Paris…

It's dusk and my gauzy dress flares out around me, impatient to get the party started. This enigmatic time of day inspires me and fills me with excitement. The City of Light is my playground. I snap my fingers and it's party time; the city takes on a dreamlike quality. Off we go! I take to this sparkling dance floor, alternating beats and moods. Let the show begin!

I dance past every monument. Tirelessly, I swing beneath the Arc de Triomphe, which has become a Juke Box. I waltz with my partner over the Pont des Arts, where romantic trysts are kept safely under lock and key. I rock out with the girls, scratching vinyl records with needle-sharp stilettos.

My dress sways to the accordion music in front of the Bastille Day flags and pennant banners! You have to admit that my bursts of enthusiasm are heartening. But, more than anything, you're swept along in the wake of my irresistible couture fragrance which pulls you into a carefree, stylish, star-studded whirlwind. Is your head spinning?

« A party in Paris »… the perfect night out! Come closer. Be my dancing cavalier. You won't be able to resist temptation when you stand so close and breathe in my scent.

MY BOTTLE BOASTED a unique new design

My glass bottle remains untouched. The same curved shoulders, the same stopper in the shape of an upside-down heart. But the crystalline clarity of the glass is tinged with a delicate, powdery pink and stamped with the silhouette of a sophisticated strapless dress, cinched with a thin pink belt.

My story continues in the fine company of the same team. The film and images have once again been created by the artists Kuntzel +Deygas.

A NEW Eau de Toilette, renewed appeal…

Love gives you wings. Thierry Wasser, my Pygmalion, is every bit as head over heels as he was on the very first day we met. For our first anniversary, Guerlain's house perfumer has invited me to go dancing, so that I can reveal a more mischievous, carefree side to my personality.

For this Eau de Toilette version, I'm all dressed up in fresh, romantic floral lace, embroidered with sparkling, fruity notes.

The first arabesque is an armful of fresh flowers. This bouquet of roses, jasmine and orange blossom, picked in the early hours of morning, gives off a delicate, light and deliciously feminine fragrance as it rises into the air.

Fruit dances in on pointe, smelling good enough to eat. Plump, juicy cherry, apple and blackcurrant take centre stage, further refreshed by a shower of green notes that sparkle as though covered by dew.

Last but not least, tempting notes of white amber subtly reveal themselves. A swathe of delicate, flawless, silky musk notes envelops everything in a soft halo. My admirers applaud at such shimmering grace and carefree elegance. They bow before my enticing charms and dream of becoming my dance partner.

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