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68 Maison Guerlain - The Extract -, The exception now has an address
68 Maison Guerlain - The Extract -, The exception now has an address

DNA : For five generations at Guerlain, women have been muses. The Maison Guerlain embodies the Parisian oman, elegant, insolent, free and considering life with an avant-garde view of life laced with humour. This naturally stylish and refined woman is envied the world over.

This boutique is a recognised French listed heritage site steeped in history. It was witness to prosperous times in Paris as well as a wounded Paris looking for reassurance. When times started to look brighter once again, the GI’s stood in line to take home a little of what symbolised France: perfume. Its rich, bright and welcoming spirit remains intact. Authentic, experienced and with character, it has been a trendsetter in the past few decades, being at the forefront of modernity and continuously revamped.

In 2013 Guerlain gave its historic boutique at 68 Champs-Elysées a face lift, extended to make it more than ever a place for all encounters, love at first sight, imposing itself as the destination of a genuine French Art of living…

A genuine renaissance for this exceptional venue destined to assert its influence around the world. To crown its future success and watch over its spirit, the Astre became the symbol of this new Maison Guerlain. It was Guerlain’s favoured symbol, echoing the Sun King Louis XIV, who as a protector and lover of the arts chose the Astre as a symbol and to represent his persona.


Guerlain is revamping the magical beauty of its Maison at 68 Champs Elysees, a mythical and pioneering place listed as a French national monument, and turning it into the brand’s flagship. Architect and designer Peter Marino was tasked by Guerlain with bringing his eye to bear on this prestigious heritage to give Guerlain the most luxurious expression of its brand. Now as in the past, it celebrates creativity, audacity and modernity. Works by artists and craftsmen skillfully decorate this magical place. Exclusive creations that typify the French Art of living will overwhelm the senses and open up the still unknown imaginary spaces. 68 Maison Guerlain will be a space where Art can blossom in all its forms through original and permanent cultural events. The restaurant “Le68”, orchestrated by a big-name chef will help introduce dishes that combine smells and flavours. Emotion will be pushed to the extreme in the Institut where relaxation rituals and bespoke massages will be original and daring. These exceptional experiences will be possible through ceremonies, rituals and consultations as a result of genuine Retail Excellence. Our Beauty Experts represent Guerlain knowhow.

They are keen to pass on their knowledge, experience and ingrained values through a unique, personalised service. They constantly strive for excellence, driven on every day by a desire to provide client satisfaction and well-being. Guerlain products, the result of the greatest audacious creations are to be discovered, re-discovered and craved for in this new Temple of Beauty.

A visit to Guerlain becomes a magical journey of discovery, a genuine multi-sensorial experience through the world of fragrances and beauty at the heart of Guerlain’s roots.


DNA : For five generations at Guerlain, women have been muses. The Maison Guerlain embodies the Parisian woman, elegant, insolent, free and considering life with an avant-garde view of life laced with humour. This naturally stylish and refined woman is envied the world over.

The Guerlain factory, avenue de Saint-Cloud, 1828 Nearly two centuries of an affair with love and beauty have passed and more than 850 perfumes have been created since that day in 1828 when Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain opened a boutique in Paris.

In 1914, the Maison Guerlain opened at 68 Champs-Elysées, in the centre of this avenue that had just been inaugurated and would go on to become the most beautiful in the world. The newspapers of the time described the premises as the “New Temples of beauty”, and they soon became the fashionable address to which all the elegant ladies flocked.

The Beauty Institute, one of the first in the world, was opened in 1939.

All along this space, niches set into the wall artistically stage the new products. Visitors then discover the make-up area.

Make-up consultations take place in this colourful, energetic space, and a gigantic glass and mirror sculpture represent two huge eyes. Then comes an area devoted to skincare with a work of Art and a crystal ball outlining the shape of an orchid. In the background, a gold mosaic invites you to a journey to the heart of luxury and elegance…

A majestic and leather staircase leads to the lower floor. Here exclusive creations of 68 Maison Guerlain and Guerlain books can be found in a panelled setting. Pastries to take away are also offered. This is also the location of the Le 68 Restaurant, whose stylish lounge doors are wide open. Further along is a room lit by the natural light of a glass roof.

This little lounge can be booked for private functions such as meetings, seminars or prestigious dinners.

The first floor can be accessed by the staircase in the historic boutique, which was installed in 1914, or by the lift situated underneath the porch. This floor houses the Guerlain apartments and is for insiders whose purchases require more time and advice. At the top of the stairs is a hall of mirrors punctuated by niches exhibiting unique pieces from the Guerlain Heritage and Sylvie Guerlain’s Private Collection. It is also here that the exclusive work by Peter Marino “Infinity Bottle” is reflected. This gallery opens up to the perfume space, part of which is reserved for personalised consultations.

At the centre of the room, a perfume organ designed by Peter Marino radiates. A monumental window engraved with a festoon design protects the light well. Further along this floor, the customer rediscovers lounges dedicated to make-up and skincare. A bronze and white-tinted orchid sculpture decorates the skincare area. A stone’s throw away is a space reserved for Guerlain “delights”, those creations exclusive to 68 Maison Guerlain. Further away we will discover what is known as a “panelled” lounge.

This VIP lounge is reserved for bespoke perfume consultations, to the discovery of exceptional creations and for the make-up advice given by Olivier Echaudemaison.


Since 1828, the Guerlain family has been passionate about Art and rubbed shoulders with the most avant-garde artists of their age; a beauty culture that will forever single out the vision of their profession. Every perfume, make-up and care product is the chance to express an emotion, to arouse pleasure and desire that transcend the sole need, the sole primary function.


The building was built in 1913 by the architect Charles Mewès, to whom we also owe the Ritz hotel in Paris and the Carlton in London.

In 2005, Andrée Putman and Maxime d’Angeac transformed the Mezzanine and l’Institut. The gold ribbon was born, a surprising mosaic made up of 350,000 fine gold tesserae straight from Maxime d’Angeac’s and Pierre Mesguich’s imagination.

In 2013, architect and designer Peter Marino, who has created some of the most beautiful boutiques in the world, was entrusted by Guerlain to come up with the follow-on to the story, in newly fitted out premises, to sweep the clientele into a luxurious dream world.

There are two possible entrances: either via the historic boutique, or through the entrance of a new extension dedicated to perfume, make-up and beauty.

The Historic Boutique is now entirely dedicated to perfumes. The walls that date back to 1913 have been kept as have the marble counters. A golden Astre, Guerlain’s new symbol, now watches over the premises. The ceiling has become a stretch of “water”. It is now possible to access the other part of the boutique directly.

The boutique’s extension presents a wide entrance, open to the outside, in white marble. A seven-metre-high light well has been designed, inside which there is a floating installation made up of gold bees. This overlooks the perfume area, a part of which is reserved for fragrances for men. Astre Sculpture by Pierre-Louis Dietschy

The new Maison Guerlain, so unique, offers exclusive products. A genuine curiosity cabinet has been dreamt up to continue to delight fashionable people with creations that are even more daring than ever. Instantly appealing and extremely luxurious products that showcase French knowhow.

The 68 Collection.

To celebrate the company moving to the Champs-Elysées, Jacques Guerlain is offering women the Champs-Elysées perfume in a wonderful and funny Baccarat crystal Tortoise bottle, an ironic reference to the slowness of the renovations. For the extract of the Parfum du 68, Guerlain is reinterpreting this mythical bottle in Baccarat black crystal, with 30 copies.

This technical feat was made possible by the restoration of a 100-year old mould. In a very limited edition, this bottle encapsulates a woody, spicy fragrance in the image of Paris night life created by Thierry Wasser, and is presented beneath a glass bell cover, encircled by a magical finely gilded decoration of Paris.

The 68 Eau de Parfum is a stylish fragrance which pays tribute to the mythical address of 68 Champs-Elysées, whose famous facade adorns the bottle.

The souvenirs of 68 Maison Guerlain allow you to share your visit to this mythical site. Guerlain is showcasing the works of Art of the 68 Maison Guerlain and reissuing its most beautiful historic posters in a collection of postcards, which can be sent immediately thanks to a 68 Maison Guerlain stamp and a post-box inside the boutique.

The “Fond de cuves” candle collection offers a version of the “Fond de Cuve” formula, an age-old manufacturing formula that has been used since 1828.

The candle allows you to recreate the distinctly Parisian atmosphere of a Guerlain boutique at home. The Cologne offers a new ritual: it can be rubbed on your skin or poured into a bath for a generous perfuming and unique sense of well-being.

Guerlain’s teas

A 68 Maison Guerlain edition of Rouge G is also offered exclusively. In this jewel case, thought up by Olivier Echaudemaison and designed by jeweller Lorenz Baümer, is an exceptional formula with a star ingredient: ruby powder. Its formula combines natural active ingredients from traditional medicines.

Guerlain reinvents “Ladies in all climates”, the mythical powder of 1897, in a limited, numbered series. Today it still adorns the skin in a veil of delicate, translucent light. The epicurean dimension and the Art of self-indulgence of Guerlain is found exclusively at the Maison Guerlain in “The Delicacies of 68”.

Guerlain offers a range of seven exclusive teas carefully chosen by Constance Braud, founder of Thés de Constance. These exceptional teas glorify the olfactory notes of legendary Guerlain creations in a perfect sensory harmony.

Another delicacy, Guerlain honey, “Grand cru 2013” (vintage 2013), in an exclusive and limited edition harvested the hives situated on the Guerlain fragrance production site in Orphin. This precious nectar offers yet another way of celebrating Guerlain’s original symbol: the bee.

The Delights of 68.

Guerlain showcases its famous bee bottle on the occasion of its 160th anniversary. The Bee, a sculpture in Baccarat crystal, embodies the best of French luxury, beauty and perfection.

The vocation of the new and prestigious Maison Guerlain is to provide an unforgettable experience thanks to genuine retail excellence whose watchword is extraordinary.

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, all the senses must be stimulated by beauty and the exceptional. Guerlain celebrates the French Art of living through ceremonies and rituals… no two days are ever the same. The customers are transported by the dance of the fan; their senses are shaken up by the tea ceremony…

Our Experts with their diverse cultural sensibilities embrace Guerlain values and convictions and master the Art of beauty. They form a family and together experience a human adventure. Their know-how is rare, their empathy and altruism precious. They are keen to share emotions and pass on their knowledge through their consultations. All their energy is devoted to the customer through a personalised approach and with a concern for intimacy and confidentiality. Their every reflection and action is intended to ensure focused attention on the client and ensure their well-being. Through attentive listening and comprehensive analysis the client’s needs and desires are established and he or she is guided through a luxury universe. The gestures are specific and adapted. The words are weighed up, assured. A relationship of trust is established and links are formed. The customer is charmed, bewitched and intoxicated during a fabulous experience.

We are enthused by the perpetual quest for excellence and captivated by customer satisfaction.


L’Institut Guerlain, inaugurated in 1939, has been reinvented today with new exceptional Guerlain skincare methods. The symbol of Guerlain know-how, it is a universe of constant creativity. Never before have treatments gone so far in their global approach, the infinite personalisation of their protocols, the precision of their methods and results.

Relaxation rituals and massages are original and daring. Achieving perfection involves pushing bespoke to its extreme … This avant-gardist approach is unique in the world.

Unique because conceived and sculpted by the light of your individuality, your own story, its past and its present. The Guerlain Beauty Consultation is at the heart of this journey. Between you and your Beauty Expert, the dialogue is open, attentive and in depth. Every word exchanged, every sign examined will serve as a clue. Created and refined by a panel of Beauty Experts involved in global beauty research, this consultation and the precise analysis that ensues are in themselves a unique experience. Guerlain expertise provides tailor-made formulations, and aesthetic massages and protocols born out of the grand masters of the East and the West... From the first minute to the closing ritual, your care is entirely personalised to meet your needs and desires.

Only 47 numbered pieces holding 245ml have been available around the world since 2010. The fragrance is a unique floral and spicy work of Art specially reissued for this bottle.

The Secret de la Reine is the only one of its kind worldwide. More than 14 carats of diamonds, more than 500 hours of work. Press gently on the pear diamond that adorns its chest and it opens out its wings, diffusing its exquisite floral and sunny fragrance.

For the 80th anniversary of the famous perfume Vol de Nuit, Guerlain has adorned a few 56ml vintage bottles with gold. Furthermore, Guerlain has created an object of pure audacity: a fragranced watch “Le Temps Guerlain”. This watch has the simple and rectangular geometry of the Vol de Nuit bottle. In 18 carat white gold, its dial is embellished with 32 white diamonds on the top and 134 black diamonds on the inside. The entire piece is set with 76 white diamonds. At its heart this beautiful object of desire harbours a few drops of perfume that the happy owner of this exceptional owner will have the luxury of choosing…

Guerlain used to offer fashion and beauty accessories like combs, fans and gloves and so on.

The Houses of Guerlain and Duvelleroy are reviving this sophisticated fashion and their shared history, that of serving the Empress Eugenie and of occupying the same address, by creating two exclusive fan models that can be fragranced. The bridal bouquet fan is a tribute to the one created by the House of Duvelleroy for Empress Eugenie’s wedding by the House of Duvelleroy. The golden fan is a reference to Guerlain’s favourite material.

The gloves appeared in the Guerlain catalogue of the 19th century, to revive this ancestral alliance of luxury that brought together the spheres of fashion and perfume. Guerlain joined forces with a French House that perpetuates traditional knowhow, to produce hand-sewn and silk-lined lambskin gloves with a natural, sensual feel. The Perfumer’s glove bears the legendary festoon design and is infused with Mitsouko perfume. The Petite Robe Noire glove, fragranced with the extract of the famous perfume, plays on the duality of black and white while a small flat bow adorning the top of the glove also adds to its charm.

To amplify the trail of its fragrances, Guerlain is reviving craftsmanship focused on an exceptional fine material - silk - through a collection of silk scarves made in Italy. These scarves combine traditional know-how and modernity. The Astre silk square is inspired by the emblem of the 68 Maison Guerlain as well as the festoon design, worked in Jacquard. The White Shalimar silk square boasting a host of colour shades and set off with delicate touches of gold, evokes the wonderful love story that was Jacques Guerlain’s inspiration for the Shalimar perfume.

A little lounge whose décor is inspired by the Alcôve aux Parfums, a tapestry by Christian Bérard which has decorated the L’Institut since 1939 can be hired for private functions.


The new Maison Guerlain, a symbol of the French Art of living, is a dynamic, lively place, a living space and an original and permanent event venue. An interactive panel at the boutique’s entrance informs you of the House’s new products and upcoming events.

An event-linked programme will offer exhibitions all yearround to celebrate the Guerlain patrimony and heritage, paying tribute to its legendary products, honouring French craftsmen and together rejoicing in France’s cultural wealth and know-how.

The new Maison Guerlain is an historic, trendy place that is open for visits. An excellent itinerary has been organised so everybody can capture its special spirit …

A commercial programming is also in the pipeline. 68 Maison Guerlain offers Fragrance Workshops so that the young and old alike can enjoy an introduction to the Guerlain Art of perfume. Children from the age of 7 will be able to enjoy fun workshops on Wednesday afternoons or even celebrate their birthday around an olfactory tea party. Adults will be able to spend a whole day discovering the origins and inspirations of Guerlain perfumes, share in Guerlain’s passion for raw materials and compose their own fragrance.

There will be other workshops offering original experiences. The glass workshop situated on the ground floor can be hired for private functions as can the house itself for unforgettable moments…

This is possible thanks to Beauty Experts, genuine ambassadors of the Guerlain know-how. Their Art is the accumulation of their knowledge, experience and meaningful values. To transform you, reveal your radiance day after day, treat you to a small miracle of beauty and well-being – this is their metier. L’Institut Guerlain is situated on an extraordinary site,  designed to be like a private residence. L’Institut can be accessed by the lift. Each customer is warmly welcomed and enjoys personalised attention throughout the experience.

After the slipper ritual, the customer is directed towards the large waiting room with its renovated wood panelling. An orchidarium has been specially designed. Guerlain teas and delicacies of the Chef are offered. Taken to one of the nine sumptuous treatment rooms via an impressive marble corridor, the customer is enchanted. Each treatment room is adorned with a unique onyx wall face chosen from Italy and a sumptuous oak parquet floor. Onyx is renowned for its calming and soothing properties. A treatment room is specially equipped to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. The Guerlain institute also has an extremely spacious VIP treatment room. Welcome to a world of total well-being, a world of infinite possibilities.


The incredibly cosy and stylish restaurant takes its inspiration from a reception room designed by Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930’s. It has a refined and subtle aesthetic with that little touch of eccentricity that makes the setting unforgettable. To create a trompe-l’oeil atmosphere, fake windows project Parisian landscapes and the intensity of the light varies over the course of the day.

The tones are warm and the atmosphere particularly comfortable. The table tops are covered with magical photos, representing the raw materials of perfumery. A beautiful wine and champagne cellar is adorned with precious bottles. A sculpture of the white Astre watches over the premises…

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